About Me



On photography

I believe photography holds more power in the present day than ever before, and yet, most photographers are preoccupied with surface-level appeal. I prefer to dig deep, do my research and craft images that reward a second look. Regardless of whether I'm working on a personal project, documentary commission, or a freelance gig for a client, the end goal is always the same - to take what excites me about my subject matter and do my best to convey it to the viewer in an aesthetically satisfying and coherent manner.



To better convey my values of aesthetics, authenticity and craftsmanship, I prefer to work with a hybrid digital/analogue process. I shoot on 35mm and medium format film, which allows me to make use of the beautiful tactile qualities of emulsion-based imagery, before scanning the film to digitise it, so I can make use of all the flexibility digital imaging provides. This process combines the best of both worlds and results in truly stunning photographs.


Digging deep

You know what’s so amazing about your business or practice? It’s you. It's the formative experiences that drove you to action. It's taking what exists out there, pulling it apart, and putting it back together in a way that actions the change you'd like to see. When I’m photographing, it’s that story that I zero in on. How you innovate, why you create, the tiny deliberate design choices in your venue. In an oversaturated visual culture, it’s important that your photographer “gets” you and what you’re about. I do not only bring my cameras - I'm there to learn all about you and get excited about your values. For me, it’s important that you’re able to convey what matters to you in a way that's worthy of the work you put in. You can leave that to me!



I'll start! Some stuff I get excited about:

  • Music
  • Fine art
  • Game-changing hospitality.
  • Architecture, interior design and mid-century furniture.
  • Typography.
  • Aviation (and as of recently, trains).
  • Urban track cycling.
  • Sustainability.
  • Game design.

Some facts about me:

  • I  moved to the UK from my home country of Bulgaria in 2017
  • I was originally on track to study law, but realised it wouldn't provide the creative output I longed for, so I opted to pursue photography instead
  • I graduated during the pandemic in 2020 and lost out on a degree show exhibition, so I focused on gaining publicity for my documentary work on my own, which resulted in an award from the IPA, multiple publications and online shows, a national billboard campaign and soon my first ever solo show!
  • One of the main reasons I do this is so I can show youths in Bulgaria that there is success and value to be found in the creative industries - a pretty controversial view locally.


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