Guest feature on MAP6 Collective - Yassen Grigorov

It’s my pleasure this week to share with you the lovely feature that the folks over at MAP6 Collective have put together for Exemplary Home! You can check it out at this link

I’m excited to be able to continually promote and grow awareness of this work, even if we are still largely stuck at home. Luckily, there are plenty of exciting projects in the works for the coming weeks that I can’t wait to share with you! If you’d like early access to that material, I’d highly recommend supporting me via one of the Early Access tiers on Patreon.

Feature in Виж! Magazine - February 2021

Those of you that follow me on socials will already know that I was one of the creatives, featured in last month’s edition of “Виж!” magazine. Sorry English speakers, you’re welcome to check the visuals out, but unfortunately, all the text in the edition is in Bulgarian. 

The edition looked at the situation in the UK for Bulgarian creatives living and working here post-Brexit and allowed us to share some insights and predictions on how life will play out as the nationwide lockdowns lift. It’s always super exciting for me when I get to share my work with a Bulgarian audience, particularly after my work on Exemplary Home brought me to consider my national identity in a more positive light. 

You can check out the digital version here, follow Виж! on Instagram, and if you’re feeling particularly generous and fond of the idea of independent arts and culture publications thriving in Bulgaria, you can also support them on Patreon!

Class of 2020 BA Photography (Hons) Catalogue - University of Westminster

Hey there! Long time no post, sorry about that! The beginning of 2021 was a little bit tough for me creatively as the reality of how long we’d be stuck not really being able to do the work we desperately want to do set in. That’s not to say I haven’t been busy, but certain aspects of my output like my blog and social media have taken a more secondary role as I planned my next moves through 2021. 

To kickoff, I’d like to share with you the release of my cohort’s catalogue, where my work “Rubble, Northwestern Bulgaria”, from ”Exemplary Home” was featured on the cover (or rather on the little wrap-around sleeve thingy). Check out the flip-through video below! You can also find the individual works and everyone’s contact details via this website that I built in lieu of our physical degree show!

Candid Observations: St. Andrews

Continuing on the Scottish theme, this week on Candid Observations, I’d like to share some captures from a very cold and windy St. Andrews. Thankfully when your equipment is all-mechanical there are no operating temperature ranges to worry about. There’s more from this trip to come down the line, but due to that roll still being in my Pentacon, all you’re getting now is sand and rocks 😁.

Candid Observations: Edinburgh

If you’ve been following me on Instagram, you’d know that over the last few weeks I’ve been posting content from the birthday trip to Scotland I took with my partner. This week on Candid Observations, I’d like to share some of my favourite captures from our walks through Edinburgh, and our little hike up Arthur’s Seat. All shot on my Pentacon Six TL, Kodak Ektar and Ilford FP4.  

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