Bulgarian Rhapsody - A story for The Fall Magazine A/W 2020 issue

Last week, fashion publication “The Fall” released their first-ever print issue - A Story Of Colour and I had the wonderful pleasure and opportunity of occupying 12 of their pages with a project they commissioned. 

The work I produced is a series of editorial portraiture, environmental snapshots and handwritten texts, created over the course of a summertime trip to my hometown of Sofia, Bulgaria. The images feature a few of my friends, whom I elected to photograph, dressed in colours, and situated in locations that they felt had a significant meaning to them or expressed their personalities in some way.

I wound up with a few sets of four to six portraits of each sitter, all shot on Kodak Portra 160, on my wonderful (and at the time slightly faulty, stay tuned for that story) Pentacon Six TL, of which a few images were selected to be sequenced within the magazine.

If you’re interested in purchasing a copy, you can do so at a variety of newsagents in London, particularly those in the broader Soho area. You can also learn more about The Fall at their website and sign up to their giveaway, related to this release through this page.

Finally, for my edit of the series, stay tuned for an update in the commercial work section - “Bulgarian Rhapsody - The Fall Magazine A/W2020.

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