Exemplary Home taking part in In Conversation With’s “Hidden Histories”

You can now view Exemplary Home as a part of the “Hidden Histories” exhibition by In Conversation With. The show is on until 12.01.21, featuring work from 13 photographers.

“This online show is a visual exploration of the topic of Hidden Histories and the multi-faceted forms this theme takes shape in. The selected artists address what these histories could be, why they are still prevalent in today’s contemporary society, why it is vital for them to be raised and explored in art as well as photography in the present-day. 

The works selected for the exhibition open up personal and concealed stories, from American witch executions, abuse in state care in Aotearoa/New Zealand, forced name-changes of the Muslim population in Bulgaria, Oregon’s ghost towns, rapid urbanisation of rural northern Bulgaria intertwined with lost memories, individual and collective memory in relation to the land in Lithuania, the perceptions of past selves and how that influences our social-construct, to forgotten US naval factories in Kanagawa, Japan. Additionally, other selected works analyse environmental topics in Italy, allotment gardens hiding from urbanisation, a popular but now forgotten Soviet Green City, and gender stereotypes associated with classical dance.”

The virtual exhibition is available to be viewed via ArtSteps, here. You’re also able to view a guided video tour, embedded below!

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