Exemplary Home wins in the International Photography Awards!

I’m very excited to announce that Exemplary Home has won its first award! And what a prestigious one it is! I’ve been keeping up to date with the Lucie Foundation and the International Photography Awards for a few years now, and have even submitted some of my previous work to the competition. Exemplary Home has been my most ambitious project yet by far, and as a result, I was particularly excited to enter it in the running for IPA 2020. With the competition receiving over 13000 entries, I, of course, didn’t expect to necessarily win anything and was hopeful for an honourable mention, however, it feels so incredibly good to place second in the category I submitted to! In a year where I lost so much of the publicity I was due to have through my degree this achievement feels particularly massive, as I feel like I did it myself, like it wasn’t handed to me. Things are certainly looking up and I can only encourage you to watch this space for more exciting developments in the future!

Hopefully, the COVID situation lets up sooner rather than later and I get to see some of you in New York for the awards ceremony!

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