Feature in Виж! Magazine - February 2021

Those of you that follow me on socials will already know that I was one of the creatives, featured in last month’s edition of “Виж!” magazine. Sorry English speakers, you’re welcome to check the visuals out, but unfortunately, all the text in the edition is in Bulgarian. 

The edition looked at the situation in the UK for Bulgarian creatives living and working here post-Brexit and allowed us to share some insights and predictions on how life will play out as the nationwide lockdowns lift. It’s always super exciting for me when I get to share my work with a Bulgarian audience, particularly after my work on Exemplary Home brought me to consider my national identity in a more positive light. 

You can check out the digital version here, follow Виж! on Instagram, and if you’re feeling particularly generous and fond of the idea of independent arts and culture publications thriving in Bulgaria, you can also support them on Patreon!

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