Interview in Darwin Magazine

As some of you may already know, a few weeks ago I was announced as one of Darwin Magazine’s mentees for 2020/21. This is an opportunity I’m incredibly excited about as I hope it will help me develop the aspects of my practice that I haven’t honed as much/as well during my time at university. 

To kick off our work together, I’d like to share with you the interview they held to introduce me to their readership. A lot of these questions were answered during my podcast appearance earlier this year, so if you were gutted you couldn’t listen to it as you don’t speak Bulgarian, this is definitely for you. I leave you with an excerpt from the interview below. You can find the full article here.

“With time it’s looking more and more like I’m drawn towards work that I feel matters, and stories that I feel need to have a light shone on them”

Starting off with dreams of law school is not typically how you imagine someone’s path in the photography world starting. However this was exactly what happened to Bulgarian born, London based photographer Yassen Grigorov. Yassen is one the six photographers who we are delighted to be working with on the Darwin mentorship programme. 

Walking us through his process and love of shooting on analogue cameras, he shares with us his emotional pull to the medium and tactile process that comes along with film photography compared to digital. An example of his analogue approach is Exemplary Home. Exploring the North West of his native Bulgaria, he tells us how the narrative and context drew him in from his safe and objective distance, to creating a personal and emotive bond with the place and project…”

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