Candid Observations: Paris, 2019

This week on Candid Observations I’d like to take you back to Paris in 2019. I spent a few days there almost exactly a year ago, attending Paris Photo, exploring the city and getting friendly with my Pentacon. It had been our first trip together since buying it and I was excited to put it through its paces. Find the images below, and if you’re interested, you might want to check out my PRINT STORE for some archival prints of some of them!

“Rubble, Northwestern Bulgaria” participating in Floorr Magazine’s Exh 05

It’s my honour to announce that one of the pieces from “Exemplary Home” was selected to participate in Floorr Magazine’s “Exh 05”, alongside mixed media work from 12 other artists. You can find the exhibition by clicking here. The work in question is titled: “Rubble, Northwestern Bulgaria” and is being listed for sale for the first time ever. You’ll be able to view it in person as part of the Exemplary Home exhibit later on - in February 2021 in the Ko Op Gallery in Sofia, and in April 2021 in the Centrala Space in Birmingham. This large-format archival print is an edition of one, so don’t dawdle if you’re seeking to invest!

Exemplary Home taking part in In Conversation With’s “Hidden Histories”

You can now view Exemplary Home as a part of the “Hidden Histories” exhibition by In Conversation With. The show is on until 12.01.21, featuring work from 13 photographers.

“This online show is a visual exploration of the topic of Hidden Histories and the multi-faceted forms this theme takes shape in. The selected artists address what these histories could be, why they are still prevalent in today’s contemporary society, why it is vital for them to be raised and explored in art as well as photography in the present-day. 

The works selected for the exhibition open up personal and concealed stories, from American witch executions, abuse in state care in Aotearoa/New Zealand, forced name-changes of the Muslim population in Bulgaria, Oregon’s ghost towns, rapid urbanisation of rural northern Bulgaria intertwined with lost memories, individual and collective memory in relation to the land in Lithuania, the perceptions of past selves and how that influences our social-construct, to forgotten US naval factories in Kanagawa, Japan. Additionally, other selected works analyse environmental topics in Italy, allotment gardens hiding from urbanisation, a popular but now forgotten Soviet Green City, and gender stereotypes associated with classical dance.”

The virtual exhibition is available to be viewed via ArtSteps, here. You’re also able to view a guided video tour, embedded below!

Candid Observations - Koprivshtitsa

Introducing “Candid Observations” - a new segment here on the blog where I’d like to share imagery that doesn’t fit into any premeditated project or series I’m working on. This is just a working title for the minute so it’s subject to change, but as I had the creative itch to share some of the work I’ve been photographing in some capacity, I thought it best not to wait around.

The first image set I wanted to share with you is a selection of captures from a day trip we took to Koprivshtitsa - a small town with a lot of big history back in Bulgaria, in August 2020. Most of these were shot on my trusty Pentacon Six TL, on Portra 160, and there are a few select captures from my 35mm point and shoot as well.

I really enjoyed taking that time away in Bulgaria. It made it easy to forget about the mess that is Covid and relax for a little bit. As we enter into another winter, still having to put up with this pandemic, I hope it’s not too long until we can all go out and reconnect properly again. On that note, I’d like to share the final image for this week - a capture from the Rila Monastery - another site we visited on our trip to Bulgaria.

In Conversation With’s “Hidden Histories” - 12.11.2020

Next week I’m participating, alongside 12 other photographers working within the fields of documentary and photojournalism, in @inconversationwith_ ‘s online show - “Hidden Histories”. As the name implies, you can expect new work, exploring the hidden, understated and buried. The show will be hosted by ArtSteps, within a nifty virtual gallery, not unlike the one on the Exemplary Home page.

Put us in your calendar, I’m hoping to see you there!

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