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  1. Class of 2020 BA Photography (Hons) Catalogue - University of Westminster

    05 Mar 2021

    Hey there! Long time no post, sorry about that! The beginning of 2021 was a little bit tough for me creatively as the reality of how long we’d be stuck not really being able to do the work we desperately want to do set in. That’s not to say I…

  2. “Rubble, Northwestern Bulgaria” participating in Floorr Magazine’s Exh 05

    20 Nov 2020

    It’s my honour to announce that one of the pieces from “Exemplary Home” was selected to participate in Floorr Magazine’s “Exh 05”, alongside mixed media work from 12 other artists. You can find the exhibition by clicking here. The work in question is titled: “Rubble, Northwestern Bulgaria” and is being…

  3. От А до Я с Юлиян Караджов и Ясен Григоров - Фотографията: Хоби by default?

    04 Nov 2020

    По време на последното ми посещение в родна България през месец Август, Юлиян Караджов ме покани в студиото на Teen Station за да си поговорим на дълго и на широко за фотографията като професия, хоби, изкуство, висше образование и така нататък. Вчера прослушах записа за пръв път и трябва да…

  4. Exemplary Home wins in the International Photography Awards!

    29 Oct 2020

    I’m very excited to announce that Exemplary Home has won its first award! And what a prestigious one it is! I’ve been keeping up to date with the Lucie Foundation and the International Photography Awards for a few years now, and have even submitted some of my previous work to…

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