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  1. Guest feature on MAP6 Collective - Yassen Grigorov

    19 Apr 2021

    It’s my pleasure this week to share with you the lovely feature that the folks over at MAP6 Collective have put together for Exemplary Home! You can check it out at this link!  I’m excited to be able to continually promote and grow awareness of this work, even if we…

  2. Interview in Darwin Magazine

    20 Nov 2020

    As some of you may already know, a few weeks ago I was announced as one of Darwin Magazine’s mentees for 2020/21. This is an opportunity I’m incredibly excited about as I hope it will help me develop the aspects of my practice that I haven’t honed as much/as well…

  3. Photoscratch Online - 26.10.2020

    19 Oct 2020

    Next week I’m taking part in PhotoScratch - a funky, collaborative co-working event for documentary photographers and photojournalists, sharing work in progress to foster discussion and feedback! The event is free to attend however you do need to book a ticket to get the login information and can do so…

  4. Kodak Portra 160 - Film Review

    16 Oct 2020

    A few weeks ago I was brainstorming ideas about how to bring more value to my followers and how to use my expertise to help you expand your craft. I thought about all the questions that friends around me who don’t really know much about analog photography but want to…

  5. Ясен Григоров за Popara

    03 Sep 2020

    Миналия месец имах възможността да поговоря с Popara за практиката си, “Образцов Дом”, и ситуацията в България, можете да прочетете интервюто тук. “Образцов дом от Ясен Григовов е нов фотографски проект показващ част от българската действителност. Ясен е от младите българи, за които ни се иска да се пише и…

  6. Ясен Григоров в списание Boyscout - България

    26 Aug 2020

    Преди няколко седмици, българската културна публикация, Boyscout Magazine, публикува статия за мен и последният ми проект, “Образцов Дом”! “Подчертани скули. Първото нещо, което забелязвате във високия и слаб Ясен Григоров, е удивителната прилика с младия Cillian Murphy. За разлика от известния ирландски актьор обаче, роденият в България и базиран в…

  7. PupilSphere feature - Exemplary Home

    07 Aug 2020

    A few weeks ago I got in touch with PupilSphere and wrote some words about my practice, inspirations, student experience around photography, as well as about Exemplary Home, my graduate project. You can find the feature here! Happy reading!

  8. Traia Photolab x Pinsharp Magazine Exhibition and Artist Talk

    15 Jul 2020

    “Exemplary Home” has been selected for Southeast London-based photolab, Traia and Pinsharp magazine’s online exhibition, centred around analogue practice in the Southeast of England. The show opened on the 16th of July and is on for almost a month until the thirteenth of August! You can view the virtual exhibition…

  9. “Exemplary Home” featured by Photomeet’s “The Rural”

    03 Jul 2020

    Last week, Offspring Photomeet, in collaboration with Northern Narratives published their selections for their most recent edition, The Rural. It features work by sixteen photographers, that all explore their different relationships and approaches to documenting a rural landscape. They selected the above images from my project and were intrigued by…

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