“Fixed gear. You and the bike are one, brain gives way to cog, crank arms are mere extensions of your legs and vice-versa. You are a cycling cyborg, part human, part machine, unsure where the steel ends and the flesh begins. Only the smile on your face reveals the human. Riding a fixed gear bike is special. This much you’ll discover the first time you ride fixed and stop pedalling. …” -The Human Cyclist

Life Behind Bars is a large format photobook exploring the artist’s experiences within the London Fixed Gear community. It features arebureboke-inspired analog and digital photographs, taken over the course of a couple of months in early 2019 during various community events, including an alleycat race and multiple social rides. The full bleed imagery captures the contrast between the sense of speed and adrenaline in motion and the moments of happiness and pure joy experienced around one of life’s simplest pleasures.

1st edition of 10, A4, hand-bound and saddle stitched

2nd edition to follow, A4, perfect bound

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